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Women’s Health Week 2020

MS Australia was pleased to be a proud Community Partner with Jean Hailes for Women’s Health for Women’s Health Week 2020.

The national health awareness campaign, held every September, raises awareness of the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing for all women and girls in Australia. In 2020, with an intense spotlight on health due to COVID-19, it was even more important, so Jean Hailes invited women to ‘check in on their health’ during Women’s Health Week under a health check theme.

MS Australia worked in close collaboration with state MS organisations, MS Limited (ACT, NSW, Tasmania & Victoria) and MS Queensland, to produce a full week’s program of events and resources for women and girls about health, wellbeing and MS.

'Maximise your healthcare appointments' digital flyer:

This new resource launched to coincide with Women's Health Week shares 10 strategies to help maximise your healthcare appointments that are not only relevant for people living with MS, but anyone who would like to take control and get more out of their healthcare.

Download 'Maximise your healthcare appointments' as PDF

'Diagnosis - time matters in MS' news item:

This is a great article for those curious about MS, contrasting the experiences of MS diagnosis from two young women living with the condition. A timely reminder to get niggles checked out. Any health concerns, no matter how small, are worth investigating.

Webinar & Facebook Live full videos:

(note: the following links include now-closed registration details)

'About MS' presentation:

with Deidre Mackechnie, CEO of MS Australia


'How MS research is improving clinical care for women' webinar:

with Dr. Anneke van der Walt, Neurologist & Researcher


'What is it with hormones and MS?' webinar:

with Dr. Jeanette Lechner-Scott, Neurologist & Researcher


'Finding your voice - better outcomes & empowerment' Facebook Live:

with Dr. Sally Shaw, Psychologist with a focus on helping people with MS


'Using gender to help understand MS' webinar:

(previously titled 'MS & preventative health - understanding the links')
with Dr. Ruth Dobson, UK Neurologist & Lecturer



Full program of events:

Full program is available as printable pdf


Click on the following links for more details on events, and to register your interest:

How MS research is improving clinical care for women:

Finding your voice - better health outcomes and empowerment

The impact of hormones, pregnancy and family planning on MS (What is it with hormones and MS?)

Bone Health, Exercise & MS:

Bladder Management & MS:

MS & Preventative Health - Understanding the links:

Short Yoga session for MS


Women’s Health Week 2020 ran from September 7 to 11.
For more information visit: