MS Australia seeks commitments for the 2022 Federal Election

Find out how our politicians can help people living with MS, their carers, families and friends

·       In the next term of government, there is an opportunity for our political leaders and decision-makers to make an impact on improving the lives of people with MS, their carers, families and friends.

·       We are seeking election commitments from all sides of politics to supercharge the MS research agenda through a continuing investment for better treatments, prevention and ultimately a cure for MS, as well as systemic improvements to health care, disability care and aged care.


 To read MS Australia’s 2022 Election Commitments in full and to download and print a copy, visit here


We really need your help with our 2022 Election Campaign! 

We hope you will get involved, challenge your local politicians, take action and be part of the solution, and do just one thing during the election campaign to make a difference! 

1.      Find out which Federal
electorate you live in.  The Australian Electoral Commission has a helpful
finder, please visit:


2.     Find out who your
sitting Member of Parliament is, and who the other candidates are in your
electorate.  The ABC has a helpful guide, please visit:


3.     Find your candidates on
your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google them to
find their electorate office and/or email address.


4.    Try to meet them face
to face (at your shopping centre, meetings, rallies, openings) and hand them
our MS Australia 2022 Election Commitments.  Set up a meeting with them if
you can.  Get a selfie with them holding up our Election Commitments
document and send it to us at


5.     Find their email
address, email them our Election Commitments document and ask for a


6.     Let us know if you get
a response, by email to: 


7.     We will collate the
responses, summarise and report back to you.


Every voice and every vote counts!  You can make a difference by raising awareness of the needs of People Living with MS!  We’re counting on you!



We really need your help with our 2022 Election Campaign

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2022 Election Commitments