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Explaining MS to children

One in twenty people are touched by MS through a family member, colleague or friend in their lifetime.

It can be a scary time, particularly children who are often confused by the symptoms, such as difficulty walking, blurred vision, muscle weakness, fatigue and changes in memory.

MS Australia have collaborated with Medikidz and the Australia and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN) to develop a digital education app that helps guide children, their families and adults through what is happening with their loved one affected by MS.  

“Medikidz Explain Multiple Sclerosis - What’s up with Mum” digital app is now available for children!

Based on the real-life story of a child named Kate, whose mum is living with MS. The five Medikidz superhero characters take her on an adventure through the human body to learn about Multiple Sclerosis.

Medikidz believes that all children deserve access to medical information they can understand, and aim to revolutionise healthcare by empowering young people with truly captivating medical education.

We hope to reach all children and families affected by MS with this engaging resource. The comic books and digital app are free of charge from MS Australia and are sponsored by Novartis.


How to access “Medikidz Explain MS” digital app:

Download on apple or android devices at iTunes App Store  or Google Play.

To request a hard copy book please email with your name and address. (Available free of charge to people living within Australia.)


Tell us what you think!:

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