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Explaining MS to children

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) can be a difficult and confusing time, and complex medical information can cause further stress and anxiety for those affected. This is particularly true for children, who are often confused or scared by the symptoms they see in their parents, such as difficulty walking, blurred vision, muscle weakness, fatigue and changes in memory.

A good starting point in helping to explaining to children how MS affects people can be showing them our Invisible Symptoms animation.

We would ask that you make sure to view the video yourself first though, to assess its suitability to your particular child.


There are some great resources available to aid the conversation:

6 - 10 years old - Has your Mum or Dad Got MS?

Suitable for primary school aged children and younger. A useful resource that helps explain some of the common symptoms and problems associated with having MS. It also includes activities.

8 - 14 years old - Medikidz Understanding MS

Being diagnosed with MS can be a scary time for everyone, particularly the children who often get scared and confused by the symptoms, which come and go. 

To request a hard copy book please email with your name and address. (Available free of charge to people living within Australia.)

14 years old onwards - MS Xplained

MS Xplained follows Sommer’s real-life story following her sudden diagnosis of MS. The resource explains what MS is, symptoms, treatment options and how MS might affect your life, among other things.