Our Mission is to accelerate Australian MS research toward the prevention, better treatments and a cure for MS.

MS Research Australia is ultimately working towards “Freedom from MS”.

We will achieve this by working in partnership with relevant medical research institutes and scientists around Australia, encouraging collaborations and focus on our strengths in this research.

To ensure that the Australian MS research we fund plays to Australia’s strengths and resources and in order to minimise any conflicts of interest, MS Research Australia has a strong governance structure.

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How We Work

MS Research Australia has two operational strategies to coordinate the Australian MS research effort and build a funding base:

1. Research Strategy

Our research strategy aims to accelerate research activity in areas where Australian scientists can have the greatest impact in worldwide MS research. We work in close partnership with and encourage collaboration between a number of Australia’s top (university-based) medical research centres. The research is focused on three main areas; to better diagnose and treat MS, to predict and prevent MS and to propagate cell repair and regeneration.

MS Research Australia is both proactive in generating directed research (in the form of ‘platforms’ such as the MS Research Australia Brain Bank and ANZgene) and reactive in responding to investigator-driven research applications. We also work with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) – the Government’s medical research funding agency – to facilitate the further development of MS research and funding.


2. Fundraising Strategy

In our fundraising we appeal to a wide range of individuals and groups and often link potential donors and sponsors with specific research projects. In this way, we aim to support a portfolio of projects that reflect our research strategy – all of which have sufficient scientific merit to warrant funding. We approach trusts and foundations, business and community leaders, community groups and people with MS (PwMS) and look for opportunities to leverage government and other funding bodies, to match private support where possible.

Together with a robust governance structure, MS Research Australia believes this approach will result in further significant breakthroughs in the knowledge and effective treatment of MS and major steps toward understanding the cause and developing the cure.

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