Modifiable Lifestyle Guide 2020

Modifiable lifestyle factors are aspects of life that can influence MS disease progression and disability, for example diet, exercise, gut health and supplementation to name just a few. While there have been many interesting discoveries in this area, there has been a lack of practical evidence-based resources for people with an interest in this area – UNTIL NOW! We have been working with national experts in modifiable lifestyle factors – clinicians, researchers, allied health professionals – and people affected by MS, to review and assess the latest evidence. We have subsequently developed two practical guides, one for the medical community Modifiable Lifestyle Factors And MS: A Guide For Health Professionals and one for the MS community Adapting Your Lifestyle: A Guide For People With MS.


This guide has been produced for clinicians, neurologists, MS nurses, allied health professionals and researchers.


This guide has been produced for people living with MS, their family, friends and carers.

The launch of this unique publication has the potential to impact how millions of people with MS around the world live now. We know there are around 25,600 Australians currently living with MS – so working together with experts to create these guidelines and equipping people with MS with effective, evidence-based ‘self-care’ strategies to fight this chronic disease is of critical importance.

Dr Julia Morahan, Head of Research, MS Australia

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Modifiable Lifestyle Guide 2020