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Are you in a current bushfire area?

8 January 2020

If you are experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing you should call triple zero (000) or TTY Emergency Service: Dial 106.

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MS Medications:

During the current bushfire emergency in several Australian states, we are aware that quite a few people in the MS community have been contacting the state MS organisations seeking advice and assistance regarding access to their MS medications. In some cases people have had their pharmacy burn down, are unable to return home or to get supplies of medicine or infusions due to road closures.

We have sought advice from Assoc. Prof Anneke van der Walt who advises as follows:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Don’t be anxious about a short break in your regular MS medication – it won’t be life threatening.
  • You may have other more pressing issues to deal with during this bushfire emergency, so try not to add to your anxieties
  • Please try to contact your healthcare team – your GP, neurologist, MS Nurse - to seek direct advice about what to do if you can’t access your MS medication
  • You can always contact your local MS organisation for advice and assistance – please visit our support & services page to find the MS organisation in your state
  • Look after your mental health! Even for those not directly affected by the fires, these emergencies can be very stressful for everyone. Once again, please try to contact your healthcare team to seek advice.

You can read about 'Managing medications during and after bushfire' here on the NSW Government website:



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