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Brain Health Guide

Brain Health guide for people with multiple sclerosis
1 August 2016

MS Australia is pleased to share the recently released resource ‘Brain health: a guide for people with multiple sclerosis’:

This short guide explains how people with MS can put into practice the recommendations from the MSA-endorsed report ‘Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis’:

The Guide was developed to help people with MS understand how they can keep their brains as healthy as possible and how to request the highest possible standard of care from healthcare professionals.

The Brain health report recommendations was a feature of the MSA 2016 Election Commitments document (refer pages 3, 6-7):

If implemented, we believe these initiatives will:

  • Minimise crisis situations and reduce the burden on emergency departments
  • Reduce the number of people admitted to hospitals and aged care facilities
  • Reduce the number of people with MS accessing the NDIS.

MSA will continue to work hard to make these recommendations a reality.

Downloadable pdf of guide