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Celebrating 2017 and looking to 2018...

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22 December 2017

A Message from the Chief Executive of Multiple Sclerosis Australia Deidre Mackechnie:

As we wrap up another year and many of us look forward to festivities and holidays, I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of the team at Multiple Sclerosis Australia, to extend warm wishes to the entire MS community.

As we reflect on the year, it’s impossible to ever be satisfied at what has been achieved.

That’s because our primary goal is to beat MS once and forevermore.  And until that day, nothing we do can ever be enough.

That said until that day arrives we must do all we can to drive improvements in Government policy, in programs and services and in research.

We want people with MS to have better quality of live, better quality of care and enhanced capacity to work for the community, the economy and the country.

The good news in 2017 is that we made a lot of progress.

MSA is now well established in the halls of power in Canberra as a respected advocate for the needs of people with MS.

Political leaders of all persuasions seek the input of MSA on policy and programs and budgets.

Some of our key achievements in 2017 include:

  • Successfully lobbied to include new Disease Modifying Therapies on the PBS;
  • Submitted a proposal for nurses to be provided on a sustainable basis to people with MS living in areas of greatest need;
  • Partnered with the Neurological Alliance Australia to submit a unified NDIS position to ensure the NDIS can meet the needs of people living with progressive neurological disease;
  • Commenced the Brain Health working group in Australia to identify ways to implement the recommendations of this vital report;
  • And we worked closely with Menzies Institute at the University of Tasmania on the development of an MS Research & Translation Centre.

In 2018, as we get closer to the next election MSA intends to speak with an even louder and more powerful voice.

We will be refreshing our mandate with input and instruction from our affiliates and the MS community and we will be making our needs known to both sides of government in the lead up to the next election to the Commonwealth.

And as always, we will be connecting with people with MS all over Australia to hear your stories, your ideas and to harness your power for change.

For now, have a safe and happy holiday season. I thank you for your support in 2017 and will be relying on it again in the New Year.