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Global MS patient-centred initiative launches

12 September 2019

As the member organisation of the MS International Federation (MSIF) in Australia, MS Australia is delighted to share news of an important new global initiative.

Launching today (12/09/19) at the ECTRIMS Congress in Stockholm, Sweden is the Patient Reported Outcomes for MS (PROMS).

“This initiative, jointly led by MSIF and the European Charcot Foundation aims to put the experience of people affected by MS at the heart of research and healthcare. It builds on the work undertaken by MSIF and its Lead Agency for PROMS, the Italian MS Society, in this area in recent years, with involvement of the MS societies of Australia, Denmark, Germany, UK and USA, as well as the European MS Platform (EMSP). The Italian MS Society will continue to play a key role in this new initiative as the MSIF Lead Agency.”

The PROMS initiative aims to put the patient experience at the heart of research and healthcare for MS and centres around the following important areas:

  • the development of new treatments and therapies
  • the design of healthcare systems
  • the ongoing care provided by health professionals

Enhancing the global use of Patient Reported Outcomes, MSIF says, “will ensure the areas above focus on achieving the greatest impact on the symptoms and aspects of living with MS that matter most to people affected by MS.”

For further details please see the media release and/or launch invite.