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John Studdy 2015 Award winner announced

14 September 2015

Lina Marrocco has been recognised with the 2015 John Studdy Award for her tireless work as Chair of Charityworks for MS.

The most prestigious Award of Multiple Sclerosis Australia, the John Studdy Award has been given annually since 1999, in recognition of outstanding consistent and selfless provision of meritorious service to people living with MS.

Lina's not-for-profit was set up in 2002 after she was diagnosed with MS and has since raised over $1 million. The money has gone towards supporting people living with MS through funding vital research projects at leading Australian MS laboratories and long-term care and respite support services.

Lina can be affected by fatigue and nerve pain caused by her MS but considers herself to be one of the lucky ones as her symptoms don’t get in the way of her living an active life. When she isn’t working on Charityworks for MS events or busy with her family, she volunteers her time at the MS Community Shop near her home. She has even made time for a cameo appearance on the television show ‘Neighbours’ as an inspiring mentor to a regular series character who has been diagnosed with MS.

Lina said “I am humbled to receive the John Studdy Award and am honoured to be in the company of previous winners including Carol Cooke, Simon McKeon and Carol and Roy Langsford – some of my MS heroes.

"Some say that what i do is extraordinary. It isn’t extraordinary; it would be extraordinary if i did nothing. I choose to do something. Thank you to my Charityworks for MS team and my family, without whose support i could not do half of what I do.” 

MS Australia Interim CEO, Deidre Mackechnie, said: “We’d like to thank Lina for her outstanding commitment and passion to the MS cause over the past 13 years. She is making a tangible difference to thousands of people living with MS. It is people like Lina whose dedication to funding research will help us to eventually find a cure for MS.