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Melbourne woman raises awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS

17 November 2015

Melbourne woman Justine Van Den Borne has been hugely successful in raising awareness of MS and its invisible symptoms in the Australian media during the past week. Following an incident whereby a stranger posted a note on her car -  parked in a disabled bay - asking if she ‘forgot her wheelchair’, Justine quickly took to social media to share a photo and how she felt about the incident.

She was out and about that day because it was proving to be a good day for her, when her MS symptoms were under control and she was able to enjoy some independence and normality with her daughter.

Her Facebook post went viral and many people with ‘invisible’ disabilities applauded her for being brave enough to share her experience publicly. Our National policy officer Andrew Giles was quoted at length in one of the articles which appeared on For more info you can read it in full here.