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More NDIS Mythbusting

23 May 2016

This week we look at busting some NDIS myths…

I would be better off keeping my mobility allowance rather than losing it when I become a participant of the NDIS. 

Maybe. However your NDIS plan will include any reasonable and necessary transport related funded supports. Once you have a plan with the NDIS, your Mobility Allowance will be cancelled with Centrelink but you can keep your Health Care Card if you have one.

The NDIS funds medications.

No, the scheme does not fund medications. However some medications are subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Participants are assessed in a similar way to a Workers Compensation Scheme.

No; if you are not already in receipt of disability services and new to NDIS, you still have to complete the NDIS access requirements, which includes completing the NDIS checklist and if you answer yes to all these questions, an Access Request form. 

I’ve been diagnosed with MS so I’ll automatically become a participant of the NDIS if I sign up.

No a diagnoses does not automatically make you eligible for the NDIS.  You will be required to meet the NDIS eligibility and access requirements, which includes completing the NDIS checklist (see link).  If you answer yes to all these questions you will need to complete an Access Request form.

Surely there isn’t enough money for the Scheme to fund supports once it’s rolled out across Australia.

There has been some coverage in the media lately about the NDIS costing more than expected.  The scheme is estimated to cost just over $22 billion a year when fully operational in 2019-20. The federal government’s commitment to the NDIS will be partially funded by an increase in the Medicare Levy, which is expected to raise $20.4 billion by 2018-19. The Commonwealth, State and Territory governments will be contributing the remainder and are committed to making sure the NDIS rolls its services out in full and on time.

Finally, here some quotes about how the NDIS has supported people living with MS in the trial sites.

“It has had a huge impact in relieving financial stress and helping me to feel normal and not a burden as I can now get to and from shops and exercise classes with taxi vouchers.”

“The agency was professional and friendly. Everything flowed smoothly and I have received everything that I had identified.”

“I’m hopeful the increased support may allow more time to invest in my relationship, allowing me the luxury of time in the evening to relax and talk to my partner.”

“A weight has been lifted off my shoulders in terms of the future as I have no family apart from my elderly mother.”