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MSA Welcomes New Minister for Social Services

22 September 2015

It has been announced that West Australian Christian Porter is to be the new Federal Social Services Minister in charge of delivering the $22 billion National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

Deidre Mackechnie, Acting CEO of MSA, said: “We congratulate Minister Porter on his elevation and express our desire to work with the new Minister to advance the interests of the 23,000 Australians with MS,” Ms Mackechnie said.

“The new Minister has a demanding role ahead of him as the Social Services portfolio combines not only key areas such as disability and ageing but also income support, housing and mental health.” 

“We are still keen to see a renewed ,commitment by the Government to rolling out the NDIS in full and on time.  An announcement about this by the new Minister would be timely, and would quash any rumblings we’ve heard recently to the contrary.

“NDIS is a very large and complex development and the new Minister joins at a crucial time. For example, there is currently a major review of disability employment support under way and the Government needs to do more on welfare-to-work reform.

“We remain concerned about the disability needs of people with MS aged over 65 who are not able to access the NDIS and whose needs are not being met through the aged care system. 

“More work needs to be done to ensure people with MS get the right support at the right time, regardless of the system that provides the support. We will be watching these and other developments in this portfolio very closely.

“We wish the new Minister well and welcome the chance to assist in the interests of the people we represent.”