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MSA welcomes report which finds PBS medicines save $7 billion in hospital costs

7 December 2015

MS Australia welcomes a new report which has shown that taxpayers and patients are getting value for money from government investment in the PBS.

The report entitled ‘The impact of pharmaceutical innovation on premature mortality, hospital separations, and cancer survival in Australia’ was conducted by American economist Professor Frank Lichtenberg and found that investing in new medicines pays for itself by reducing other public health expenditure.

MSA CEO Deidre Mackechnie said: “Ten years ago there were very few subsidised treatment options for people with MS in Australia. We have a long history of advocating that MS medicines should be listed on the PBS to ensure people with MS have the best access to the full range of safe, effective and affordable MS treatments.

If someone with MS is able to access an affordable treatment such as those listed on the PBS,  it can make a huge difference to their quality of life. In addition to this there is now an overwhelming body of evidence which shows that the earlier someone with MS has access to treatment with a Disease Modifying Therapy, the better the long-term outcome is for that person.

We will continue to make sure that MS treatments are listed on the PBS as it gives people with MS and their neurologist greater flexibility to find a treatment option that is right for them.”

For more information see our list of PBS submissions made to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee