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My Health Record in the news

16 July 2018

MS Australia continues to monitor with interest the progress of the Federal Government’s My Health Record.

Today’s announcement of the (three month) opt out period for My Health Record (more than 5.9 million Australians already have one) has, not surprisingly, generated more spirited discussion (in particular about the pros and cons) - in the media, the health sector and amongst the public.

This national online system for every Australian citizen, promises to combat double-handling and significantly, raise awareness of a person’s medical condition, wherever they happen to be around the country.

What does it mean for the MS community?

It’s always good to see opportunities for the MS community to become informed about proposed systemic changes, policies and/or options related to their healthcare.

With My Health Record, for the first time, your important health information such as diagnosis, treatments, medicine details, test and scan results will be available to you and your health care providers (doctors, specialists, hospital staff), digitally, and in one place.

We feel that My Health Record has many potential benefits for the MS community including:

  • a centralised health record so that people with MS don’t have to continually explain the complexities of their symptoms, medications, MRI and other test results over and over to health professionals at accident and emergency or when visiting a new doctor. 
  • A possible useful tool to empower you to make decisions about your healthcare and manage your MS with your health team.
  • A potential time and energy-saver so you can focus on your day to day life, health and wellbeing – it’s hard to remember the smallest things, let alone your health/medication details!
  • A way to share information with the people closest to you e.g. family, carers and healthcare professionals.

In short, we believe that this new system has many advantages for people with MS as it will consolidate all of your medical records in the one place, enable you to access them, and save you having to remember details or keep your own records – great if you’re travelling/working interstate or changing doctors or medications.

We encourage you to read the media release, check out the My Health Record website, encourage your health team to get involved and, once fully informed and if you’re satisfied, consider uploading your record into the system - or update your existing one.

We will continue to update you, as developments come to hand.

My Health Record further details: