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My Health Record in the news (UPDATE)

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30 July 2018

Following the recent Federal Government opt out announcement, My Health Record is currently one of the most talked-about topics in Australia. Debate continues around important privacy and other concerns, versus the systems potential benefits.

We endorse various points raised in two recent Consumers Health Forum of Australia media releases (16/7/18) and (19/7/18), in many ways relevant to the MS community, including:

  • The advantages of a single electronic health record are significant particularly for those with complex and chronic conditions…
  • our health information concerning medical treatment, medicines, tests, scans and hospital care still often remains widely scattered and not immediately available in the way we take for granted in other spheres, such as banking and travel.
  • Prompt access to a complete and current health record is particularly important for those with complex and chronic conditions requiring a range of different treatments and medicines, often urgently.

Further to the points above and those raised in our recent news item, we think My Health Record’s potential value for people living with MS - an acknowledged complex and chronic condition - may also include, a systematic way to address and treat any co-morbidities (other conditions which may occur alongside your MS), the potential to speed up diagnosis (critical for a tailored MS action plan) and treatment, and making sure various symptoms are addressed.

To make an informed decision, we encourage you to stay across the national debate, read information, ask questions and consider your individual situation.

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