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NDIS Dispute in ACT must be resolved urgently

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19 October 2016

MS and MS Australia joins other disability representatives and advocacy organisations in calling for the Australian and ACT governments to urgently resolve any dispute that will interfere with people being able to participate in the NDIS in the ACT.

People living with multiple sclerosis in the ACT and the wider community deserves assurance that the NDIS will continue to be rolled out in full and on time.

MSA, like many other organisations, was deeply concerned to read recent media articles suggesting that the NDIS was being “shut down” in the ACT and that there will be no new participants until a new agreement can be struck between the Australian and ACT governments.

“The impact of a decision like this creates enormous fear and confusion in the community, especially when people are already dealing with their MS symptoms and are already anxious about their eligibility for the NDIS.  We need ongoing assurance that the two governments will urgently address this funding issue, stick to the principles of the NDIS and resolve this matter quickly”, said MSA CEO Deidre Mackechnie.

“We don’t want people to end up on long waiting lists, without plans and support in place.  We’ve waited a long time and worked hard to see the NDIS implemented, so it would be very disappointing if this issue remains unresolved”, said Ms Mackechnie.

Anyone living with MS in the ACT who is concerned about their NDIS plans or arrangements should contact MS Connect on 1800 042 138.