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PBAC outcomes for Ocrevus™ (ocrelizumab) for PPMS and MAVENCLAD (cladribine tablets) for RRMS

19 December 2017

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) makes recommendations about the medicines for subsidy through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

On Friday 15th December 2017, the PBAC announced they have not recommended listing on the PBS for Ocrevus ™ (ocrelizumab) for primary progressive MS (PPMS) nor for MAVENCLAD (cladribine tablets) for relapsing remitting MS (RRMS).

For details please refer to the PBAC website and feedback documents:

  • ‘First time decisions not recommended’ (Ocrevus for PPMS) – see page 11
  • ‘Subsequent decisions not to be recommended’ (MAVENCLAD for RRMS) – see pages 1-2

The sponsors of Ocrevus (Roche) and MAVENCLAD (Merck), have indicated that they will continue to work with the Federal Government Department of Health, to progress the PBS listings of these medications as soon as possible.

As the national advocacy organisation for people living with MS, MS Australia will continue to work with our partner organisations to ensure the MS community and their healthcare teams, have access to the broadest range of affordable treatments as possible.

MS Australia remains optimistic that these two medications will gain PBS listing in the future. Please discuss all potential treatments with your neurologist, and for more information on medications and treatments click here.

Please note: Whilst Ocrevus ™ for PPMS has not been recommended for PBS listing, earlier this year Ocrevus ™ was approved for PBS listing for RRMS, however this is still subject to Cabinet approval.