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TV programme 60 minutes discusses stem cells

19 October 2015

60 Minutes Australia aired a story last night on an allegedly fraudulent Doctor performing medical procedures, including ‘stem cell therapy’ overseas. He has been making money by flying people with conditions such as MS and MND overseas to undergo stem cell treatment, promising them it will slow or stop their symptoms. At least 70 patients – many of them Australian – have paid up to fifty thousand dollars each to secure a spot

Stem cells are considered by many to hold the ultimate promise for repair and cure for a variety of chronic and degenerative conditions. While great progress is being made in understanding how stem cells work and how they may be used to treat a variety of illnesses, there is still a considerable way to go before they become part of standard treatment. Despite this, many people travel overseas or visit private Australian clinics to undergo untested and unproven stem cell treatments.

If you saw the programme and would like to read around this subject further, please visit Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia’s website.