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WORLD MS DAY 2018 – This WEDNESDAY 30th May!

World MS Day
28 May 2018

Global MS Community Spotlights Research

MS Australia, MS Research Australia, the four state/territory MS organisations and the international multiple sclerosis (MS) community will recognise World MS Day this Wednesday 30th May 2018.

MS Australia reflects

“The theme of World MS Day 2018 is research, which is a great opportunity for us to focus on how research is bringing us closer to a cure for MS. This progress has been neatly captured in a series of researcher profiles, short videos and formally recognised in the Australian Parliament”, said the CEO of MS Australia, Deidre Mackechnie.

“World MS Day helps us to raise awareness about MS – the public can share stories, attend events, support community campaigns and together, strengthen the network of people living with MS across the world,” added Ms Mackechnie. “The day is also a chance to recognise MS community support networks such as organisations and carers among others.”

Research is #bringing us closer to stopping MS

The MS International Federation (MSIF) 2018 #bringinguscloser campaign will connect those affected by MS closer to people involved in MS research - including scientists, students, fundraisers, volunteers, nurses and others - to celebrate achievements and share hopes for the future of MS research. A key campaign message is that regardless of where progress in MS research is made, it will benefit people all over the world.

MS Research Australia reflects

MS Research Australia CEO Dr Matthew Miles agrees that research is bringing us closer to ending MS. “Alongside this, the research theme also helps us highlight both the brain drain in Australia - where talented young MS researchers cannot remain in their chosen field due to the unavailability of funding and are either leaving the field completely or heading overseas - and the critical MS research funding shortfall,” said Dr Miles.

“Our wish on World MS Day 2018, is to raise awareness of the need for increased funding to accelerate Australian research targeting prevention, better treatments, ways to enhance quality of life and a cure for MS.

“We acknowledge the important role of the Australian Government in funding research into MS through the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) and in making MS medicines affordable through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS),” added Dr Miles, “however there is a need to increase the investment in research to a/ find the cause and a cure for MS and b/ to ensure leading world class researchers remain attracted to this field of research and conduct their work here in Australia.”

Film is a great way to spread the word. MSIF has produced an animation about how MS treatments are developed and MS Research Australia has produced a video series featuring Australian MS researchers, to provide an insight into their passion, tireless dedication and hard work for people living with MS.

On 10 May 2018, the Australian Parliament formally recognised World MS Day 2018 and the Research theme through a motion passed by the Senate (refer page 57), which also acknowledged the condition; the importance of early diagnosis, early and managed treatment, a brain-healthy lifestyle; and the need to increase the investment in research and more.