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World MS Day 2019

One day to go
29 May 2019

World MS Day 2019 on Thursday 30 May is an annual global day to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis (MS) and the needs of people living with the condition.

This year’s theme, Visibility aims to (both) spotlight the invisible symptoms of MS (#MyInvisibleMS) and their unseen impact on quality of life; and increase the visibility of MS.

These invisible symptoms will be familiar to many people affected by MS. They include pain, fatigue, visual problems, numbness/tingling, feeling hot and cold, brain fog (cognitive difficulties), depression, continence problems and balance issues/dizziness.

People with MS often hear, “but you look so well!” when in reality, they are experiencing severe invisible or hidden symptoms.

How can you get involved?


We are also very excited to be launching an invisible symptoms animation on the day, and would love your help sharing it with friends and family!

Here is a preview:


Watch our social media pages for more news as the day approaches!


To Read more about the day and our activities:

World MS Day is coordinated by the MS International Federation and its members.