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26 November 2015

MSA Advocate is interviewed on Channel Ten News

Half of our adult population is living with a chronic illness, with many people experiencing discrimination and ignorance, especially those with invisible symptoms. MSA Advocate Astrid Edwards was interviewed on Channel Ten News...

19 November 2015

National Health and Medical Research Council announces funding for MS Research

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recently announced the successful Australian research projects and fellowships awarded funding for 2016.

A total of six new MS research projects were announced in this year’s funding round, bringing over $3.2 million of funding for...

18 November 2015

Young People in Nursing Homes

Young people affected by MS in, or at risk of placement in residential aged care, should be supported to live in the community in their own homes with the care and supports they require.

In particular, young people with MS need an integrated housing and support model that...

17 November 2015

Melbourne woman raises awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS

Melbourne woman Justine Van Den Borne has been hugely successful in raising awareness of MS and its invisible symptoms in the Australian media during the past week. Following an incident whereby a stranger posted a note on her car -  parked in a disabled bay - asking if she ‘forgot her...

4 November 2015

Adelaide researchers identify key protein driving immune response in MS

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have identified a key protein on the surface of cells that controls the immune attack in MS. The research focuses on the movement of immune cells into the brain and spinal cord in MS, the vital first stage before immune cells attack myelin. Until now,...

22 October 2015

Talking to people with MS about the NDIS

Nearly 400 people living with multiple sclerosis are recipients of an NDIS plan and have given us positive feedback in terms of the outcomes for themselves, their family and for the way they live life.

Over the last 2 years the focus of the NDIS has been very much on getting people with a...

19 October 2015

Keep those struggling at front and centre of GST debate

Discussions about the Goods and Services Tax in the media lately have in many cases failed to place the GST in the much needed, broader tax debate.  We keep being diverted about possible GST rates of 12% and 15% and indeed 20% along with a notion that increasing the GST will fix most, if not all...

19 October 2015

TV programme 60 minutes discusses stem cells

60 Minutes Australia aired a story last night on an allegedly fraudulent Doctor performing medical procedures, including ‘stem cell therapy’ overseas. He has been making money by flying people with conditions such as MS and MND overseas to undergo stem cell treatment, promising them it will slow...

15 October 2015

'Healthcare needs a shake up' a survey by the Consumers Health Forum shows

survey published today by the Consumers Health Forum of more than 1,000 respondents has highlighted the need for a review and shake-up of the way chronic conditions are treated in Australia...

15 October 2015

MS National Advocates Conference 2015

From 12-14 October, MS Australia held its annual National Advocates Conference in Canberra. A total of 11 Advocates joined forces to advance MSA’s advocacy priorities for the upcoming year while also meeting with key policy makers to profile issues currently facing more than 23,000 Australians...

7 October 2015

Mythbuster – are participants in the NDIS means tested?

In the first of our ‘mythbusters’ we address the confusion some people have expressed around whether the NDIS is ‘means tested’. It’s an important question as it could affect whether or not someone receives any support at all.

The definition of ‘means tested’ is the determination of...

7 October 2015

Medicinal marijuana to be legalised in Victoria

Locally-grown medicinal cannabis will be legalised in Victoria, under a State Government move to ease the suffering of people with serious medical conditions. Legislation will be introduced by the end of the year establishing the Office of Medicinal Cannabis, which will oversee research,...