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8 April 2012


This evening Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program aired a story about Chrissy Amphlett’s battle with multiple sclerosis (MS). The story also featured information about chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, also known as CCSVI.

Several bodies around the world are currently...

9 March 2012

MEDIA STATEMENT - Pregnancy and MS

Research published in the journal Neurology today show results of a study into an effect of pregnancy on multiple sclerosis (MS).

The study was conducted by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and featured 800 women. It has shown that the risk of getting MS may be related to the...

8 March 2012

Round Table To Address Need For Insurance Scheme

Some of Australia’s largest disability and chronic illness organisations will come together with politicians in Melbourne today for a roundtable discussion about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and what must be done to get it up and running.

21 February 2012

ACT Government Urged To Fund Help For Summer Sufferes

MS Australia launched a campaign today to urge the ACT Government to introduce a Medical Cooling Electricity Concession for people suffering from the debilitating effects of heat intolerance.