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A number of research and clinical networks and professional forums are available for the development and training of the MS research community. These networks are generally free to join and are dedicated to encouraging collaboration and communication, offering members the opportunity to connect and engage with other researchers or clinicians who share similar interests.

This summary presents an overview of currently available networks, but is not an exhaustive list. Submissions are welcome for additional networks to add to this list please click the “submit your feedback or suggestions” link above.

Name Description
Australian and New Zealand MS Genetics Consortium (ANZgene) ANZgene is a research consortium dedicated to furthering progress into understanding the genetics of MS. Members include researchers and clinicians from fields of neurology, geneticists,  bioinformaticians and molecular biologists. Membership is via collaboration.
Australian Paediatric Research Network The Australian Paediatric Research Network is a network of Australian general paediatricians to encourage new research relevant to both public and private practice, building research capacity by involving more clinicians in research activities and enhancing recruitment for community-based research projects. All Australian paediatricians are eligible to join the APRN. Membership is free.
Autoimmunity Network The Autoimmunity Network is a community of physicians, immunologists, rheumatologists & researchers who share the common goal of exchanging knowledge about autoimmune diseases. The network facilitates annual congresses, and members can network via online forums. Membership is by application.
International MS Genetics Consortium The International MS Genetics Consortium is a worldwide network of genetics researchers dedicated to furthering understanding of MS genetics. Through a network of data and expertise sharing, the IMSGC has facilitated major breakthroughs in MS gene associations. The Consortium initiates collaborative projects to fill areas of need, but are also open to collaboration on investigator-driven research. Membership is by application.
International Paediatric MS Study Group The goal of the IPMSSG is to foster opportunities for collaboration to enhance understanding of the care of children and adolescents with paediatric MS and related disorders, and to maximise international participation in activities of the group. Membership is by application.
MS Research Australia Clinical Trials Network Facilitated by MS Research Australia via a grant from the NSW Office of Health and Medical Research, the Clinical Trials Network aims to facilitate MS clinical trials activity in Australia, with specific goals to increase the number of clinical trial sites in Australia, and improve access to new treatments for Australians with MS. The Network provides communications, assistance and information to stakeholders including people with MS, neurologists, doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Network membership is open to clinicians and clinical researchers with an interest in MS.
NSW Falls Prevention Network The NSW Falls Prevention Network is a professional community aiming to share knowledge, expertise, and resources on falls injury prevention for older people. They provide expertise that may also be relevant for research into falls in people with compromised mobility. Membership is open to NSW-based researchers and clinicians with an interest in falls prevention.
NSW Stem Cell Network The NSW Stem Cell Network is a professional community with an interest in both adult and embryonic stem cells. The NSW Stem Cell Network receives financial support from the NSW Office for Health and Medical Research, and infrastructure support from Diabetes New South Wales. Membership is open to NSW-based researchers and clinicians with an interest in stem cell research.
Paediatric Trials Network Australia The Paediatric Trials Network Australia is a professional community aiming to increase the quality and quantity of paediatric research in Australia. Membership is open to Australian researchers or organisations with an interest in paediatric research.
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