Meet The Researcher

Professor Simon Broadley

Griffith University

Let’s get started! Tell us an interesting fact about yourself...
I cycle between 300 and 500 km per week.
What inspired you to get involved in MS research?
I wanted to understand why some people develop MS with a view to finding potential treatments for what was then an untreatable condition. I did not want to see any more young lives ruined.
What do you think has been the most exciting development in MS research?
The development of multiple very effective therapies for the early inflammatory stage of MS.
Tell us about your current research project...
The RAMBLE Trial hopes to reduce the frequency of autoimmune adverse events seen with one of the most effective therapies for MS, alemtuzumab.
Why is your research important and how will it influence the understanding and treatment of MS?
Autoimmune disease is the single major drawback of alemtuzumab treatment for MS. When used early on this treatment is close to being curative for the vast majority and removing this adverse aspect of this treatment would make this a more appealing option for more people with MS.
What do you enjoy most about working in the lab and what are some of the challenges you face?
I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues around Australia and around the world, but mostly I enjoy what I hope is a small positive impact on the journey of the people with MS that I treat.
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Professor Simon Broadley