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Held on 30 May, the World MS Day theme is selected by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) in collaboration with its member organisations including MS Australia. 

Reflecting the new ‘Connections’ theme and current global events, this World MS Day we will be providing online tools to help people with MS connect virtually. We will continue to collaborate with our state and territory MS member organisations - in conjunction with MSIF - knowing that due to COVID-19, many activities will be adapted or become virtual/online. 

Our highlights from last week's World MS Day activities

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who got involved with this year's World MS Day activities with us! 
For the Australian and international MS community to together in such a powerful way in this difficult time was especially beautiful to experience.
The theme of self-care and making #MSconnections could not have been more apt. We hope you got a lot out of the day, and if you missed it, please go and check out all the great stuff that took place. You will be astounded at what everyone pulled off under global quarantine!

Facebook Lives & Webinars!

There are many online events being held on World MS Day, and in the week leading up to it.  These include Facebook Lives Webinars by MS Australia and some of the state MS organisations.
See the below digital flyer, and visit each organisation's Facebook pages for more details:
MSL (ACT, NSW, Tas., Vic.)

The flyer is available as PDF in 3 different time zones: 

AEST  (ACT, NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria) 




The PM sends greetings to the Australian MS Community ahead of World MS Day 

MS Australia is thrilled to receive a video message from the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison sending greetings to the Australian MS community ahead of World MS Day this Saturday 30 May.
As many of our community are aware, the Prime Minister has a personal connection to MS which he speaks about in this video. We are also delighted that the PM highlights the new MS Australia Connections Hub, a place for people with MS to share tips for self-care and to see tips from others. We thank the PM for taking some time during this particularly difficult period while managing Australia’s response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, to help raise awareness about life with MS and to help us all mark World MS Day 2020!



MS Australia CONNECTIONS HUB is now launched!

Tim Ferguson has launched our new MS Australia Connections Hub to help people with MS to connect virtually this World MS Day.

The Connections Hub will allow people in Australia and across the world to upload and share their tips for self-care.

Hear more details about it from our great friend and perennial funnyman Tim Ferguson, below!



World MS Day 2020 campaign video is live! 

MSIF asked people from around the world to share their experiences of MS, loneliness, and connection. Hear from Seetharam, Eva, Georges, Eliana and Soo. The video is available with English, Spanish, Arabic, French and Portuguese subtitles. 

Spread the #MSConnections message with this beautiful animation. #WorldMSDay


MSIF's MS Connections Toolkit:

Make the most of World MS Day with these free resources. Anyone can use and adapt these tools, to create positive change in the lives of people affected by MS around the world. 
This year we're asking everyone to get involved virtually; via social media, online events, sharing experiences of social barriers to connecting, lobbying politicians to make positive changes for people affected by MS, and by using and sharing these Multiple Sclerosis International Federation Connections tools.

The theme for World MS Day 2020-2022 revealed!

Campaign: MS Connections

I Connect, We Connect
#MSConnections #WorldMSDay 


A new three-year World MS Day 2020-2022 Connections theme and MS Connections campaign aims to tackle social isolation for people living with MS.

A rising global issue, social isolation and loneliness can have a detrimental effect on health and quality of life. The inaugural three-year World MS Day campaign (Saturday 30 May 2020, Sunday 30 May 2021 and Monday 30 May 2022), responds to this serious global challenge with vigour and focus.

MS Connections is about connecting to community and quality care. The campaign aims to challenge social barriers that can leave people affected by MS feeling lonely and socially isolated, and to advocate for better services, celebrate support networks and champion self-care.

World MS Day 2020-2022 | Australian focus

  • Year One | 30 May 2020 | Saturday
    Sub-theme: Connect to Self
  • Year Two | 30 May 2021 | Sunday
    Sub-theme: Connect to Friends/Family
  • Year Three | 30 May 2022 | Monday
    Sub-theme: Connect to Community

“In Australia, MS Connections will comprise annual sub-themes with practical ways and activities to connect and address social isolation and loneliness - including tips for people living with MS, the public and government to get connected,” says MS Australia CEO, Deidre Mackechnie. “World MS Day Saturday 30 May 2020 sets the scene.”

"We know that the MS community increasingly seek their information online and use technology to connect with peers”, continues Ms Mackechnie. “So, for World MS Day 2020, we will provide online platforms for the MS community to connect, feel supported and share tips for self-care."

As the Australian member of MSIF, we look forward to sharing more details in the lead up to May 30 2020!

Read more here:




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MS partner organisations


The state/territory MS organisations run various events in the lead up and on World MS Day itself. Please visit the links below and their social media channels for further details, updated once activities are confirmed.

MS Society SA/NT
MS Queensland

Additional activities may also be run by our research organisation, MS Research Australia.


Facebook and Twitter

MS Australia on Facebook and Twitter @MSAustralia

MS International Federation on Facebook and  Twitter @MSIntFederation