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2017 - 'Life with MS' theme

The theme for World MS Day in 2017 was #LifewithMS. A day to celebrate global solidarity and hope for the future.




MSIF chose one of our very own MSA National Advocates, Mike, to feature in this year's campaign.  Out of all the people nominated to take part, he was one of only 3 selected from around the world, and we weren’t surprised. His strategy, “Any two of three,” is a great tip to manage fatigue!

He shares his MS story, and also has some other great tips like the last one he mentions, that we really love, "Don't worry too much about the things you have to say 'no' to." Wise words for anyone!




Tim Ferguson is a beloved Australian comedian, writer, director and performer. He shares his tips for people with MS as someone who knows, having been first diagnosed when he was 19. 
This video is supported by Biogen.


In response to this year's theme, MS Australia has also produced videos featuring five Australian woman talking about the challenges of life with MS and sharing ideas for managing these challenges.
We are releasing these videos, one by one, in the weeks leading up to World MS Day, so keep an eye on this web-site and MSA’s Facebook site,
You may have solutions to challenges like coping with stress and emotions, balance problems, or dealing with heat. A simple tip that works for you could make a huge difference to someone else!

Erin was first diagnosed at 21, although had experienced early onset MS since she was 18. In the years since, she has achieved a lot, both professional and personal, including becoming one of our MSA National Advocates. She has learnt some amazing tips and tricks she is happy to share, some serious, some not so serious, all hopefully very helpful for people with MS




 A writer, director, teacher, and a young person with MS, Astrid recommends “educating yourself” and “taking active control, day to day.” She became a National Advocate for MS Australia in March 2015 – the same time she identified herself as LadywithMS.



Sonia is a fun-loving young woman who has had MS for 14 and a half years. Sonia shares her big challenges including mobility, employment, insomnia and even having to learn to be left-handed because her "MS just decided" she didn't need her right hand anymore. She also shares a plethora of tips and tricks for #lifewithMS.




Connie is married with 2 kids, and is living with MS. In this short video, she shares her experience of MS’s symptoms, and her tips for #lifewithMS, big and small; "listening to your body", "having a nap," "staying cool,"  and more.


Teisha has had MS for 20 years now, it has impacted every element of her life, but she says "but that's not necessarily all a negative." It has also made her pro-active and flexible so that everything she does is "about my health and wellbeing." She shares tips on #lifewithMS and everything from travel, her career, her social life, even shopping!




Australian Parliament has recognised World MS Day 2017 

The 45th Australian Parliament recognised World MS Day 2017 through a motion passed by the Senate on 10 May.
Senate Hansard for 10 May reads:
That the Senate-
(a) Notes that:
i. World MS Day takes place on Wednesday 31 May with the theme “Life with MS”, and
ii. MS Australia seeks to raise awareness of what life with MS is like
(b) Recognises that:
i. You are four times more likely to be diagnosed with MS if you are born in Tasmania compared to the national average and 7 times more likely than if you were born in North Queensland
ii. MS is the most common neurological condition diagnosed in young adults
iii. It is most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40, and 75% of people diagnosed are women
iv. There is no known cause or cure
(c) Acknowledges the important role of families, friends and carers of people living with MS
(d) Confirms the need for continued action to:
i. increase the investment in research to find the cause and a cure for MS and;
ii. improve access to support from the first experience of symptoms, through diagnosis, treatment and ongoing disease management.

World MS Day events

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