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The Power of Keeping Cool

By Adam Browne

Tips and techniques to keep cool while exercising during the warmer months

Firstly, why do you want to keep cool?

With an increase in body temperature even by as little as 0.5 degrees Celsius many people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) experience a temporary worsening of symptoms (1). For many individuals this most predominately affects their experience of fatigue. Fatigue has been...


A Balancing Act - How to get your exercise routine started

By Adam Browne

Why and how does exercise help?

Regular physical activity and exercise can play a role in helping you live with MS. Research has found that exercise does not trigger an exacerbation or have adverse effects on your MS. Regular exercise is beneficial for maintaining general fitness and strength as well as helping to reduce the impact of specific MS symptoms.

The reported benefits of...

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