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This year’s National Pain Week theme is “Let’s manage pain together”.

The 2017 theme is likely to resonate with many people living with MS who experience various types and levels of pain, and are trying to manage it effectively.  Whilst there’s no “one size fits all” solution to pain management, a team approach (including the person experiencing pain, their health team, families and carers) can be helpful.

Did you know?...


One thing about me that mannnyyy don't know. Is.. Deep breath.. I'm in the early stages of MS. I've been so blessed to have faught for 10 years on and off against cancers that threatened my miriacle life. Though I've kept very quiet about the findings of MS discovered about a year and a half ago. Though dealing with it everyday in every little or big way has opened my eyes to a world of others living.. That's right LIVING with MS. You'd think it's debilitating. Life ruining. Death...


Trish ball

The Trish MS Research Foundation presents the Moulin Rouge Ball

Saturday 9th September
The Grand Ballroom Hilton Sydney
New South Wales

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Support & Services

As the national peak body for Australians living with MS, we work closely with the state MS societies to help you connect with the right support and services.


Support & Services