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Reviewed by Astrid Edwards 


  Rarely have I been so delighted by a memoir about Multiple Sclerosis. I recommend Christian Donovan’s The Unmapped Mind: A memoir of neurology, incurable disease and learning how to live (2018) to anyone diagnosed with MS, as well as their nearest and dearest. 
  When I was diagnosed with MS (almost) five years ago, I hunted down as many books about MS as I could. All made me...


So the drunken weave has been diagosed at last, the mild confusion and poor recall too. Am I better off? I's hard to tell really.I am now in receipt of a discombobulating and disorganised rambling descent into who knows. I had diagnosed myself provisionally and felt weirdly comforted by that, now all seems a bit unsure and dramatic. I have been advised by those in the know and those who simply love me, both angles being comforting and empowering. I have been given advice and directed toward a...


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MS Limited Edition lottery - QLD

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As the national peak body for Australians living with MS, we work closely with the state MS societies to help you connect with the right support and services.


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