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Dr Sedal was a consultant neurologist, specialising in multiple sclerosis, who devoted his professional life to the care of his patients.  Dr Sedal also made a significant contribution to the education of medical students, health professionals and colleagues about MS and undertook clinical MS research, presenting his findings at key MS meetings and conferences and authoring papers and book chapters on MS. He graduated in Medicine from Melbourne...


Over my seven years of working as a support worker, I had the privilege of sharing my time with several amazing individuals who lived with Progressive MS.Reflecting upon this period in my life, I am flooded with emotions and memories of the fantastic people that I spent time with on a weekly basis.People will often quote time as the most valuable thing you can give someone, but it was perhaps something I found hard to quantify or wrap my head around, until spending time with people one-on-one...


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As the national peak body for Australians living with MS, we work closely with the state MS societies to help you connect with the right support and services.


Support & Services