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MS Australia stands with Disability People’s Organisations Australia (DPO Australia) in welcoming yesterday’s announcement by the Federal Government of a Royal Commission into Aged Care and the inclusion of young people with disability who live in nursing homes.

The fact that of the 6,000+ young people living in aged care only 23 (as mentioned in DPO Australia's release) have so far received NDIS packages is, we believe, a systemic...


4 months in following diagnoses and the emotions and coping strategies compete for attention. the initial euphoria has progressed to unfathomable gloom.Going out is not so simple as putting a coat on, anticipated anxiety creates road blocks which have just made themselves evident. I crave understanding and love but do not seek it, I feels as though I am a contestant on some surreal game show " Hello my name is Mair and I have MS" I wonder if I should get badges made!Golly what a gripe! Things...


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Thursday 13th December

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As the national peak body for Australians living with MS, we work closely with the state MS societies to help you connect with the right support and services.


Support & Services