CEO Rohan Greenland signs the condolence book

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Recently, I was honoured to be appointed as the Chair of the Neurological Alliance Australia. So, what does this mean for the MS community?
Des Graham enjoying getting out in nature

A better NDIS for all Australians

Associate Professor Des Graham is Chair of MS Australia and lives with multiple sclerosis. Here he describes his experiences navigating the NDIS and outlines MS Australia’s campaign, A better NDIS for people living with MS.
Helping each other

Helping others by sharing the personal experience of MS

The Australian MS Longitudinal study tracks the diverse impact of MS so we can provide the best supports and advocacy for people living with MS in Australia.
Woman mindfullness

Australian-developed mindfulness program benefits people with MS

Australian researchers have developed a web-based mindfulness program that has shown beneficial effects for people with MS in a recent clinical trial.
What factors affect conversion to clinically definite MS?

What factors affect conversion to clinically definite MS?

Australian researchers have investigated genetics and various environmental factors that might lead to the progression from a first MS-like attack to clinically definite MS.
Simon's story

The beat goes on! Life and love of music after MS

The power of music, and the pursuit of a passion, have helped Simon stay positive while learning to live with multiple sclerosis.

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A world without MS

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