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Welcome to The Raw Nerve – the official Podcast of MS Australia – a conversation space for all things multiple sclerosis.

Join us for news and views on the latest research, treatments, and advocacy efforts, as well as candid and informative interviews with our community; those living with MS and their families and carers, together with leading clinicians, researchers, and advocates.

On the third episode of the Raw Nerve, co-host Phil O’Neil catches up with Jennifer Willis, ahead of her attempt to become the first Australian living with MS to reach the top of Mount Everest.

Diagnosed with MS in 2018 Jen was determined to learn how to mountaineer and to fundraise for MS research. Now she’s about to embark on a 51-day expedition that will see her combine those two ambitions.

Jen talks openly about her personal ‘road to diagnosis’ and the challenge posed by both extreme heat and extreme cold when climbing in the Himalayas. Be inspired as Phil and Jenn talk about overcoming fear, realising dreams and the metaphorical ‘mountains’ we all have to climb.

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Views expressed on the Raw Nerve Podcast, including any discussions or reference to medications or treatments by podcast guests, do not necessarily represent the views of MS Australia and should not be seen as either an endorsement or rejection of a treatment.

MS Australia does not recommend any specific treatment for people living with MS. Decisions about any treatments, taking into consideration the potential benefits and side effects for each individual’s circumstances, should be made in careful consultation with the person’s neurologist.

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