Scanning the Future: AI’s Vision for Precision Care in MS

AI-powered MRI analysis advances personalised MS care in new study.

PLATYPUS: A new clinical trial for progressive MS

MS Australia, together with MSWA, is thrilled to announce that...
Rohan Greenland The May 50K

From our CEO

CEO Rohan Greenland discusses MS Australia's partnership with leading international...

Thousands showcase the latest MS research in Milan

Thousands meet in Milan to present the latest research findings...

New adaptive clinical trial offers new hope for progressive multiple sclerosis

The first-ever adaptive clinical trial for Australians living with MS...

Proposed NDIS Improvements Promise to Enhance Support for People with MS

Promising developments were announced recently that could significantly elevate the...

ATA188 and the Quest for Progressive MS Treatment

ATA188, a therapy aiming to retrain T-cells to combat EBV...
Rohan Greenland The May 50K

From our CEO

MS Australia CEO Rohan Greenland highlights why the upcoming Progress...

Do other viruses besides EBV increase the risk of myelin loss?

An Australian study finds that human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) increases...

AHSCT awakens EBV in MS, yet relapse remains at bay

The first study of EBV immunity shows reactivation of the...

Rest assured: DMTs won’t disrupt your sleep

Researchers find no significant differences in self-reported sleep quality in...

2023 MS Gong Ride

Challenge yourself with Australia's most epic charity cycling event, the...

“Jacquie’s Journey” – a cousin’s generosity sparks MS Warrior to leave a legacy

Diagnosed with late-onset multiple sclerosis, Jacquie Brown was inspired by...

Championing recognition for unpaid carers

MS Australia recently took part in the Carer Recognition Act...

People living with MS who are severely immunocompromised can access newly funded shingles vaccine

From 1 November, older and severely immunocompromised Australians will be...
Rohan Greenland The May 50K

From our CEO

CEO Rohan Greenland discusses the current status of the Better NDIS...

Breaking the fall: reactive balance training shows promise in reducing falls in people with MS

A recent study shows that reactive balance training in a...

A story of resilience and compassion

Wendy Oliver's life is a remarkable journey of resilience and...

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Scanning the Future: AI’s Vision for Precision Care in MS