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When we find a cure for multiple sclerosis – and we will – it won’t be because of any one person. It will be because of all of us, working together. Meet the members of our dedicated team.


Our Patrons are highly respected members and leaders of the Australian community who act as advocates in various ways for MS Australia.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors hold overall responsibility for the direction and management of Australian MS research initiatives. Their directives involve scientific advice prepared by the International Research Review Board and provide direction to future grant investments.

International Research Review Board

The International Research Review Board identify the promising areas of Australian research that complements the world-wide effort. This develops the strategic direction and focus for the allocation of funding for Australian research.

Research Management Council

The Research Management Council are a multidisciplinary team responsible for monitoring and reviewing applications and recommending grant allocations.

National Advocates

Our National Advocates team encompass a combined total of more than 300 years’ experience of living with MS (total years since diagnosis), including an enormous variety in their lived experience of MS and personal circumstances, that help us advance our Advocacy work.

Meet the Researchers

Meet our funded researchers who are working hard to improve the lives of people living with MS by finding better treatments, preventions and a cure for MS.

Lived Experience Expert Panel

MS Australia is establishing a Lived Experience Panel (LEEP) to provide expert advice on core areas of interest to MS Australia.

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Our People