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Worldwide, more than 2.8 million people live with MS. More than half, over 1 million people, live with a progressive form of MS.

Progressive multiple sclerosis is a form of MS that gets worse over time. Each day, progressive MS takes things away from people: vision, mobility, cognition, ability to work, and their very independence.

Ending progressive MS is an urgent and unmet worldwide need. People living with this often debilitating form of MS face uncertainty, losing ground each day as they experience steadily worsening symptoms and a loss of myriad functions, which can cause a sense of helplessness. Recently, there has been scientific progress with the emergence of the very first potential therapies for progressive disease, but they will be effective only for some. More must be done so that EVERYONE has an effective treatment available.

An unprecedented global effort

MS Australia joined the International Progressive MS Alliance, an unprecedented global collaboration of MS organisations, researchers, health professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, companies, trusts, foundations, donors and people affected by progressive MS, to address the unmet needs of people with progressive MS – rallying the global community to find solutions. Our promise is more than hope, it is progress.

Remaining focused on our priorities will enable new treatment discovery while reducing the time and cost of testing potential treatments. This, in turn, will accelerate access to treatment for people with progressive MS.

People with the progressive disease now have hope for the future.

The Alliance is driving progress in three important ways

Global Leadership

Ensuring that research is focused on barriers to treatment development, integrated across the MS community, systematically measured and refined.


Leveraging research already underway and stimulating new research and breakthroughs through a significant grants program.


Drive worldwide resources to fund the best research, wherever it may be, and unleash the research community to accelerate results with the most impact and potential.


The International Progressive MS Alliance continues to grow and expand. The members of the Alliance fund the research and drive the work of the Alliance including fundraising, research, communications etc.

Managing members

MS Research Australia
Multiple sclerosis society of canada
Sclerosi multipla associazione italiana
MS international federation
MS society
National multiple sclerosis society
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