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Let's Talk about MS

‘In My Words’ Podcast Series

The In My Words Podcast series brings together the experiences of real patients, like Adriana, with the clinical thought of health care professionals directly to listeners to create an engaging educational experience. Learning how to manage your life after a diagnosis can be stressful and confusing, and the aim of these podcasts is to empower listeners to own their health. Jumo Health, in collaboration with MS Australia and Roche has produced a 5-episode podcast mini-series on multiple sclerosis as a part of their 'In My Words' podcast series.

Adriana discusses a variety of topics such as what MS is, the impact MS has on her life, disease management, how she tries to live a healthy lifestyle and relationship management. The podcasts also feature Belinda Bardsley, an MS nurse and the current president of the MS nurses of Australasia network, and Doctor Mike Boggild, a consultant neurologist in Townsville in North Queensland. They are both involved in caring for patients with MS and talk about the condition from the clinical perspective.

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Watch the Video

Watch Adriana talk candidly about her experiences living with Multiple Sclerosis

About Adriana

Adriana is a 33-year-old stay at home mother, but also has a home-based business where she day bookkeeping and accounting. She also happens to have multiple sclerosis (MS). Adriana was diagnosed with MS at the age of 26. Since then she has faced many challenges associated with her diagnosis. She has embraced those challenges and is using her experiences to help others who have also been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In her own words, Adriana acknowledges, “my life is going to be a little bit different to the life that I imagined for myself. It’s doesn’t mean it's going to be a bad one. I actually think I have a pretty amazing life and I've made it that way.”


Read the Discussion Guide

Have you ever met with the doctor only to forget what to ask or worse, what he said? It’s natural to be overwhelmed and forgetful in those situations. Our discussion guide help initiate meaningful and informative conversation at your next doctor appointment.

You can read a PDF version here: 
To request a hard copy book please email with your name and address. (Available free of charge to people living within Australia.)


Read the Comic

Trying to understand the diagnosis of a loved one can be scary especially for a child. In the ‘Understanding Multiple Sclerosis’ comic, you can read along as the Medikidz take Morgan on a journey through the human body to learn more about her mum's multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

You can read the comic online here:
To request a hard copy book please email with your name and address. (Available free of charge to people living within Australia.)

Remember: If you are searching for information about your MS or how to manage your condition, please make sure to contact your health care professional team to discuss.


About Jumo Health

“We provide health resources for the entire family.”

Jumo Health is a global health care education company with offices in New York, London, and Sydney. Founded by two doctors who wanted to alleviate the fear and uncertainty that often accompanies a clinical diagnosis, Jumo Health creates comic books, videos, podcasts, and related resources that help children and their families better understand and manage their health and wellness. Our products provide individuals with the ability to learn in their way, on their terms, throughout their medical journey.

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