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MS Australia's advocacy team is regularly looking for opportunities to contribute to policy development and government reviews.


MS Australia Submissions:

Note: (1) : joint submission with MS
(2) : joint submission with MS Research Australia


 PDF iconContinuity of Support program.pdf

PDF icon Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation.pdf

PDF icon New Disability Employment Services from 2018.pdf

PDF icon ILC Commissioning framework.pdf


 PDF iconElection Commitments: Submission to the major parties for the 2016 Federal Election.pdf (2)

PDF icon Vic State Disability Plan 2017-2020.pdf (1)

PDF icon Submission to the National Disability Insurance Scheme inquiry into accommodation for people with disabilities and the NDIS.pdf

PDF icon Submission to TGA re Poisons Standard for Medicinal Cannabis.pdf (2)

PDF icon Inquiry into the Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2016 - Qld.pdf (2)

PDF icon Services for people with psychosocial disabilities.pdf


PDF icon MS Australia Willing to Work Submission.pdf

PDF icon NDIS Quality and Safeguard Framework Submission.pdf

PDF icon Victorian Law Reform Commission's Medicinal Cannabis Issues Paper.pdf (2)

PDF icon NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Policy Framework.pdf

PDF icon Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee Inquiry- Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014.pdf (2)

PDF icon Young people in res care inquiry.doc.pdf

PDF icon Cannabis Use for Medical Purposes ACT bill.pdf (2)

PDF icon TGA Regulations Stem Cells Submission.pdf

PDF icon Disability Advocacy Framework consultation.pdf

PDF icon Increasing choice in home care Stage 1.pdf

PDF icon New aged care short-term restorative care program.pdf


PDF icon McClure Welfare Review Submission.pdf

PDF icon Airline two wheelchair policy.pdf

PDF icon Federal Senate Inquiry - Out-of-pocket health costs.pdf


PDF icon Legal capacity for people with a disability - National Disability Services review of legislation.pdf



MS Australia Submissions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee:

One area of advocacy we are particularly passionate about is advocating for greater access to affordable treatments for people with MS. MSA and MS Research Australia work together closely on treatment and research advocacy. No two cases of MS are the same and there is no one size fits all treatment for the disease. MS Australia regularly makes submissions supporting the listing of MS treatments on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) so that people with MS and their neurologists have greater choice and flexibility to find the treatment method that best suits them. The research and medication information contained in these submissions is provided by MS Research Australia.


PDF icon Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee review- Daclizumab.pdf

PDF icon Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committe review- Lemtrada.pdf

PDF iconPharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee review- Fampyra.pdf

PDF iconPharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee review- Aubagio.pdf

PDF iconPharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee review- Tecfidera.pdf

PDF iconPharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee review- Plegridy.pdf

PDF icon Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee review- Lemtrada (additional).pdf

PDF iconPharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee review- Expressed Authority.pdf

PDF iconPharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee review- Copaxone 40.pdf


MS Australia has also developed National Position Statements which reflect MS Australia's view on key areas of importance for the MS community.