Amitai’s story – A legacy of love and hope

28 February 2024

MS gradually took away Rosalind’s ability to move freely and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Eventually, Rosalind’s health declined and she passed away, leaving her partner Amitai devastated.

Amitai was determined to honour Rosalind’s memory. He wanted to do it in a way that would make a lasting impact on the lives of others grappling with MS.

Amitai is a longstanding supporter of MS Plus. He learnt about research and support and how crucial they are in the fight against MS. Amitai eventually decided to leave a gift in his Will, in memory of Rosalind. When the time comes, it is his wish these funds will be used for research into a cure.

Amitai’s gift is a testament to the enduring power of friendship and love. To the ability to turn tragedy into triumph.

Now, it is the legacy of Amitai and Rosalind that lives on. Proving that even in the face of loss, the human spirit has the capacity to create positive changes.

Many MS Plus supporters like to include a gift in their Wills. You have supported the fight against MS before. Leaving a gift in your Will is a way to continue this support. It is about the values we share and what you hold dear in your heart.

Every time you think about the gift you will make, you will get a warm, happy feeling. Every gift, no matter what size, will make a difference. Because you’ll know you will be helping a person living with MS have a better life.

A charitable gift to MS Plus could go towards research. It would improve treatments and help fast-track a cure. A gift in your Will could also enhance the support services of people with MS. Or you could elect to fund both. It’s your decision.


Want to know more? MS Plus has a Gift Planning Program. Call Laura or Rebecca on 1800 443 867, email, or visit My MS Legacy.


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Amitai’s story – A legacy of love and hope