Keeping the strategy contemporary and relevant

In keeping with the MS Research Australia three year Strategic Plan, an independent Leadership Council has been established. The Leadership Council will be consulted to ensure that the strategy is kept contemporary and relevant. This small group of national leaders based in Australia and internationally represent a variety of backgrounds and will lend immense support and guidance to the MS Research Australia team. They will help to identify trends and influences in the Australian and international corporate, political and philanthropic markets.

All members bring unique business knowledge and experience, together with an affinity for the non-for-profit sector and MS, which complement the knowledge and skills of the board members and the MS Research Australia executive team.

A small sub-group of our international based members, including Lisa Pettigrew, Chris Benscher and Cassandra Kelly have already been incredibly supportive with our global work via the International Progressive MS Alliance: offering advice, overseas networks and giving their time by attending important events. These members also assisted with the global roll out of the Kiss Goodbye to MS initiative which was launched in January this year. The Australian founded campaign raising funds for MS research, has been taken up by nine other countries so far including the United States.

We are extremely privileged and grateful to be able to work with the Leadership Council who have all committed to supporting us in achieving the goals of MS Research Australia.

Leadership Council

Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassadors

The inspiring Australians who are making a difference

Our Kiss Goodbye to MS ambassadors say thank you to the fantastic MS community by sharing their very own thank you letters.
remyelination MS

Is a naturally occurring molecule the key to remyelination?

MS researchers have investigated whether a naturally occurring molecule, which some DMTs mimic, has the capacity to promote myelin repair.

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Keeping the strategy contemporary and relevant