28 May 2024

Laura’s story

Rebelling against my diagnosis 

At 28 years of age, Laura’s diagnosis journey probably went about as smoothly as it could go.

Laura shares the following:

It took less than two months from the initial appointment with my GP to a confirmed diagnosis and treatment. The most challenging part of my diagnosis was reconciling what it meant to have MS. I probably spent three months rebelling against my diagnosis. While coming to terms with it all, I grieved the loss of a life that I’d imagined and worried about how it might affect my relationships, my career, my freedom and independence and my social life.”



The sypmtoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) can be variable and unpredictable. No two people will experience exactly the same symptoms and these symptoms can be a one-off occurrence, can come and go or change in severity over time.

MS symptoms can be experienced in different parts of the body, depending on which part of the brain, optic nerve or spinal cord is affected. Some symptoms of MS are invisible, meaning people can’t visibly see that someone is experiencing a symptom.

Click here to learn more about how MS is diagnosed.

If you’re living with MS, speak with your neurologist, MS Nurse or GP about any new and/or ongoing symptom concerns and to develop a personalised management plan, including any medications, treatments or lifestyle modifications to manage your MS in the best way possible.

World MS Day, acknowledged on May 30, is a day that fosters global unity and optimism. The 2024-2025 theme ‘Diagnosis’ and ‘My MS Diagnosis’ campaign, advocates for timely and accurate identification of multiple sclerosis (MS). The campaign shares real experiences and urges improved healthcare professional training, research, and clinical progress for MS diagnosis.  

World MS Day is an opportunity to share stories, like this one, raise awareness and campaign with everyone affected by MS.  #MyMSDiagnosis. 


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Laura’s story