MS Research funding announcement for 2015

MS Research Australia is delighted to announce that nearly $1.9 million in funding has been awarded to new Research Management Council approved research projects commencing in 2015.

Dr Matthew Miles, MS Research Australia Chief Executive Officer said ‘we are proud that 2015 represents our largest ever funding allocation to MS research, and we are very grateful to all our partners and supporters that have made this investment possible.’

Twenty two outstanding research projects encompassing a range of multiple sclerosis (MS) fields will be able to commence this  year as a direct result of this funding round.

MS Research Australia has made a priority of focusing on research investments that capitalise on Australia’s research strengths, to obtain maximum benefit and more productive outcomes from the research, and thus generate real progress and results for people with MS.

The Research Management Council recommend research projects for funding by MS Research Australia in line with our goals to accelerate research advances that will prevent, better treat and ultimately cure MS. These 22 new research projects cover a number of specialist fields including genetics, epidemiology, neurobiology, immunology, virology and social and applied research.

A snapshot of the research projects will be available in the March issue of the MS NEXT newsletter.

The new biomedical grants include studies investigating the genetics and epidemiology of MS; furthering our understanding of the association of vitamin D with MS risk; and deeper exploration of the role of the Epstein Barr Virus in MS. Several projects have a key focus on promoting repair and remyelination of the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord.

Two neurobiological grants will extend on previous MS Research Australia funding to develop methods for early detection and diagnosis of MS and demyelinating disorders.

New social and applied research avenues have also received significant funding, including a project grant developing a cost-effectiveness tool for MS treatments, and a pilot study investigating body temperature regulation in MS.


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MS Research funding announcement for 2015