How the fight against MS became a family business

Trevor Bolland’s only daughter Monique was just 23 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). He said the news was devastating:

“Monique had her whole life ahead of her. Yet the first neurologist we saw told us she would probably be in a wheelchair by the time she was 30.”

Shocked by Monique’s bleak prognosis, Trevor decided to devote himself to finding more answers for people living with MS.

He said connecting with MS Research Australia brought the family enormous hope.

“They kept us abreast of research developments and offered incredible support during the difficult early days. The decision to donate and fundraise was an easy one. I could already see the benefits of research – and it was so comforting to know MS researchers were focused on finding a cure.”

Trevor also left his business and put the money he’d made into travelling with Monique to meet with leading neurologists, scientists, and health professionals around the world.

“The knowledge we gained over those first few years was life-changing. We learned lifestyle and nutrition have a huge influence on the development of a chronic disease like MS. With good nutrition, you can better manage MS and enjoy a better quality of life,” Trevor said.

At that stage, Monique was taking a huge number of capsules and tablets every day to achieve optimum nutrition. She and her dad wanted to create an alternative: an all-in-one product that was easy to consume, without sacrificing quality or nutrients.

So Trevor and Monique started their own premium nutrition business, Nuzest. And with the help of an expert team, their first product ‘Good Green Vitality’ was born.

Today, almost a decade on, Nuzest distributes in 17 countries around the world. And Monique is living a full, active life, far from doctor’s early predictions. She’s Global Brand Manager at Nuzest and mum to daughter Mackenzie aged 20 months.

Monique is also a proud ambassador for the fundraising arm of MS Research Australia, Kiss Goodbye to MS. She shares her inspiring story to bring hope to other Australians facing an MS diagnosis.

While Nuzest has grown dramatically, Trevor said it’s still very much a family business. His son-in-law has joined their team, which each year takes part in fundraising events for MS Research Australia. They’ve participated in The May 50K and even trekked the Great Wall of China to help the cause.

Trevor said he’s determined to keep up funding for research breakthroughs, which will benefit his daughter and so many other Australians.

“I’ve always believed there is an obligation for those who are able, to give back to those in need. Supporting research into a debilitating disease that currently affects over 25,600 Australians is a very worthy cause – and one that’s obviously close to my heart,” Trevor said.

Nuzest has also just partnered with MS Research Australia, to raise more awareness and funds for vital MS research.

Researchers are hopeful of finding a cure within the next 10 years. We hope our family can play our small part in bringing that date even closer.”

To celebrate the partnership between Nuzest and MS Research Australia, Nuzest are giving readers a 15% discount on Nuzest products. Nuzest also donate 15% from their sales to MS research and the quest to find a cure.

Disclaimer: Nuzest products are designed to help people fill nutritional gaps in their diets and support those with demanding nutritional needs. They’re not meant to replace a balanced, healthy diet or to prevent or cure disease. MS Research Australia does not endorse Nuzest products as a form of treatment for MS.


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How the fight against MS became a family business