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Managing the Emotional Rollercoaster

By Dr Sally Shaw

It is often said that the first three months following a diagnosis of MS are the toughest. I disagree. The psychological challenges of incorporating this diagnosis into your sense of self last longer than that. Of course they do. This diagnosis is big news to process. Some normalcy might start creeping back into your life after about a year... But it is very common to go a full 12 months with thoughts...


Feeling empowered – key questions to ask at diagnosis

By Dr Sally Shaw

So. You've been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  From the moment you hear the words, the questions come thick and fast.  So many questions.  About MS generally.  About causes.  About treatment choices.  About symptoms.  About disclosure.  About long-term prognosis.  About complementary therapies.  About how MS may interrupt your plan/job/relationships/family/sense of self (because nobody signed...


A different perspective – 5 ways a psychologist can help

By Dr Sally Shaw

Think prevention. Think building resilience. Think about having a moment to clarify a few things. Think about a bit of basic stress management 101. Think strategically. Don't fall for the old, out of date, 'you only go to see a psychologist if you're mentally ill', line. If you have a chronic illness, add a good psychologist to your list of healthcare team members, and you won't look back.


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