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Exercise and Activity

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about recognising how MS affects you and making positive choices for your life, and the lives of those around you. In many cases this comes from listening to your body, your symptoms, learning how they impact you and what interventions work for you.

Regular exercise is important for several reasons: it improves cardiovascular health, helps improve strength and endurance, can help relieve MS-related fatigue and manage spasticity, and is a factor in stabilising mood.

With guidelines, a good exercise program can help to develop the maximum potential of muscle, bone and respiration, avoid secondary complications and benefit good health and wellbeing.  Research shows that exercise can also help manage many MS symptoms.


Adam BrowneIntroducing Adam Browne...

To help us understand how exercise can make a difference, we would like to introduce Adam Browne.  Adam is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, specialising in Multiple Sclerosis rehabilitation and in strength conditioning.  He has offered to share his knowledge and some practical tips via a series of articles to be shared here.


Before you get going…

It is always best for people with MS to consult health professionals such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists or occupational therapists to learn more about what lifestyle changes they can try to get the most out of life and mitigate their MS.