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Sex and MS

An MS diagnosis often occurs at an age when sexual activity is peaking and is of particular importance in both established and emerging relationships/lifestyles. The profound impact of a diagnosis can raise many questions for people living with MS.

The good news is that there are strategies to help manage problems should they emerge.


MS Australia is proud to have collaborated with the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation and other member organisations on this helpful animated video resource.

Read more about the video and how it came about it here:


Dr Annette Carruthers GPIntroducing Dr Annette Carruthers GP...

Dr. Annette Carruthers works part-time as a general practitioner while fulfilling several roles on different boards involving financial services, health, infrastructure and aged care. Her medical specialities include clinical risk management and quality improvement in health services. Several of her patients have MS.  Annette has kindly offered her time to provide us with some helpful resources.