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The Workplace

For more information on MS employment download our publications:

Guide for Employers.pdf

Guide for Employees.pdf


Watch our short film regarding MS in the workplace. The film script was taken from an article written by Teisha Rose which was originally published on The Mighty. For more information about Teisha, her book 'Life Interrupted' and other articles she has written please visit


How does it feel to tell your employer you have MS? 

We spoke to three people about their personal employment experiences:

Sonja’s story


Amber’s story


Mike’s story



Introducing the MS Employment Support Service (ESS) Team...

The MS Employment Support Service (ESS) is a specialist Disability Employment Service available for people affected by MS.  The service is currently available in the Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan regions, the Geelong/Bellarine region of Victoria, Tasmania, Canberra, South East Queensland, and Perth..  The MS ESS is a team of Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists that work with clients in managing their symptoms at work, and maintaining their capacity for work.  

If you are experiencing MS symptoms that are making it difficult to do your work, and want further details about our service, and:
You live in Tasmania, ACT, Sydney, Melbourne or Geelong/Bellarine, please call: 1800 042 138,
You live in Perth, please call: 0408 938 607,
You live in South East Queensland, please call: 1800 177 591,


Introducing Catherine Brooks...

Catherine Brooks is a partner at law firm Moores, a co-founder of an online beauty business, and lives with MS. Catherine is accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria as a workplace relations specialist.