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The Workplace

For more information on MS employment download our publications:

Guide for Employers.pdf

Guide for Employees.pdf


Watch our short film regarding MS in the workplace. The film script was taken from an article written by Teisha Rose which was originally published on The Mighty. For more information about Teisha, her book 'Life Interrupted' and other articles she has written please visit


How does it feel to tell your employer you have MS? 

We spoke to three people about their personal employment experiences:

Sonja’s story


Amber’s story


Mike’s story



Catherine BrookeIntroducing Catherine Brooks...

To help us manage work and understand our obligations, we would like to introduce Catherine Brooks. Catherine is an Accredited Specialist in workplace relations law and is passionate about advising in the area of discrimination and gender equality. Catherine has MS and has offered to share her knowledge and lived experience via a series of articles to be shared here.