2023-2024 Pre-Budget Submission

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Australia’s 2023-2024 pre-budget submission seeks commitments from the Australian Government to:


Prevent and ultimately defeat MS in Australia through a significant investment in research funding for better treatments, prevention and ultimately, a cure for MS.


Improve access to MS Nurses.


Improve support for people with MS living with disability.


Improve support for people ageing with MS.

The Health Economic impact of Multiple Sclerosis in 2021 report revealed a significant increase in the number of people living with MS in Australia over the last four years.

An increase in the number of Australians living with MS corresponds with an increase in the total costs for people with MS in Australia, with total costs for all people increasing from $1.751 billion in 2017 to $2.449 billion in 2021.

MS Australia’s submission provides funding options that will improve the lives of people living with MS and reduce the economic impact of MS on the Australian health, disability, social services and aged care systems, including:

  • Research: funding for a National MS Biobank, the establishment of a Neurological Mission with the Medical Research Future Fund and for the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to establish the current neurological data gaps and opportunities.
  • MS Nurses: funding to increase access to MS nurses by employing an additional fifty MS nurses across Australia.
  • Disability: Increased funding for:
    • The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to upskill staff, improve early access and support and for age-appropriate specialist disability accommodation for young people with disability living in residential aged care.
    • People with a disability who are not eligible for the NDIS to undertake a national review of disability programs funded outside of the NDIS, implement a single, nationally consistent assistive technology program and an immediate increase in the rates of the Disability Support Pension and New Start Allowance.
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2023-2024 Pre-Budget Submission