External MS Funding Opportunities

External MS funding opportunities

Many funding opportunities exist for Australian researchers to apply for financial support. These fall into broad categories including government funding, private and philanthropic funding, and international funding opportunities.

This section outlines funding opportunities including:

MS Australia and the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

MS Australia has a partnership with the NHMRC that provides the opportunity for top-up funding for outstanding NHMRC Emerging Leadership Investigator Grants and Postgraduate Scholars. To be considered for top-up funding, Fellowship and Scholarship applications must be submitted to both organisations.

For more information please visit the following pages and follow the links to the ‘Co-Funding Partners’ information documents:

An application will only be considered for co-funding or top-up funding if both the NHMRC and MS Australia grant review panels rank the applications as fundable. Applicants are also encouraged to apply to the National MS Society of the USA (NMSS) where there is also a potential to consider co-funding.

There is no automatic routing between NHMRC, NMSS and MS Australia. Therefore, MS Australia recommends that applicants increase their chances of funding by applying to all organisations where appropriate.

Please note that the NHMRC applications close BEFORE MS Australia closing dates.

MS International Federation Funding

The MS International Federation (MSIF) offers funding for a range of activities. This includes the international Du Pre Grants offered to young researchers and the International Progressive MS Alliance for research into progressive forms of MS. For full information on the range of funding that is available and the closing dates please see the MSIF website.


International Progressive MS Alliance

The International Progressive MS Alliance offers periodic funding for specific challenges with the goal of removing barriers to developing treatments for progressive MS. At the time of writing, the Alliance has offered three rounds of funding, including two rounds of project grant Challenge Awards, and a two-step Award round, including a Planning Award that will lead to major Collaborative Network Awards.

MS Australia is always looking for partnering opportunities to increase the funding for MS research.

MS Australia works with a number of partner organisations to allocate funds or co-fund ‘fundable’ MS research. For MS Australia this means that we can increase the amount of funding and researchers concentrating on MS research.

If your organisation would like to explore co-sponsoring MS research, contact us on 1300 010 158

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External MS funding opportunities