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MS Xplained

MS explained
29 August 2016

New, FREE interactive app available now!

Ever been to the doctor and immediately forgotten what you’ve heard?

Medicine X create fun, interactive apps to explain medical information in accessible ways.

MS Australia and MS Research Australia worked closely with Medicine X on the development of ‘MS Xplained’ and we’re thrilled to announce it’s live and launched!

MS Xplained guides us through the often complex world of MS via storytelling, animations and illustrations. Clear, user-friendly medical information at your fingertips!

Through humour, interactive scenarios and visual stories featuring animated medics and real-life people living with MS, the app is a great tool - especially for young adults - to help them understand their diagnosis and potential treatments. ‘Doctor/medical speak’ is broken down into engaging language that you can understand and retain!

MS Xplained is medicine explained by real doctors for real people diagnosed with MS, their families and support team, in a friendly, digital way.

This free app informs and empowers young adults and others, who may be confused about their diagnosis, so they can make decisions and raise queries with their doctor.

Kindly Sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals 

How to access MS Xplained:

To download your free app visit or go to iTunes App Store  or Google Play.

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