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"Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis" 2nd Edition

"Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis" 2nd Edition
18 July 2016

Professor George Jelinek’s ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis’ second edition just published.

The revised, updated book is an ‘evidence-based 7 step recovery program’ exploring MS management including ‘…diet, exercise, sunlight and stress reduction, together with medication where needed…’

For further details visit:

MS Australia welcomes opportunities for people to feel empowered, take control and become active participants in managing their chronic condition, in partnership with their health care team.

We want people, including family, friends and carers to be well informed, and for healthcare professionals to have a broad range of resources for the management of MS.

MS and its invisible symptoms are often not well understood, so the book’s publication is another great opportunity to raise awareness more broadly.

Professor Jelinek’s book featured on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise yesterday (Sunday 17 July). Also interviewed was MS Australia CEO, Deidre Mackechnie: