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Royal Commission into Aged Care: A good start, but more needed!

17 September 2018

MS Australia stands with Disability People’s Organisations Australia (DPO Australia) in welcoming yesterday’s announcement by the Federal Government of a Royal Commission into Aged Care and the inclusion of young people with disability who live in nursing homes.

The fact that of the 6,000+ young people living in aged care only 23 (as mentioned in DPO Australia's release) have so far received NDIS packages is, we believe, a systemic failure.

We also strongly support DPO Australia’s call to include people with disability aged 65 + over, who are not eligible for the NDIS in this important Commission.

These issues and their impact on the MS community remain two of our main concerns.

We know that for young Australians with MS with a disability, many have been forced to live in aged care because of a lack of choice for suitable accommodation. We believe that this should be an option of last resort and only a temporary, transitional phase to a more suitable arrangement.

For MSA, the inclusion of young people with disability in nursing homes in the Royal Commission is a welcome step.

We also hope that the issue concerning people with disability aged 65 and over, is considered in the Commission.

For eligible people living with MS aged 65 and under, the NDIS provides various individual supports, but of concern to MSA is that those 65 and over must rely on the aged care system, which is designed to address ageing not disability.

Read DPO Australia's media release here.

You can read more information in ABC's article on the news here, and the Goverment's official media release here


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