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Sex life and MS animation launches globally

16 January 2019

Contributing to the health and wellbeing of people with MS is a key part of our role and we are keen to provide practical resources that can assist.

The newly launched ‘Sex Life and MS’ animation looks at some of the ways that MS can affect intimacy and sexuality and provides practical advice.

Originally created by the Italian MS Society, it has been repurposed and adapted by the MS International Federation (MSIF) for use globally. (As the Australian member of MSIF, we work with them to advance the issues of people living with MS worldwide – in this case, making resources easily available).

To ensure the best resources are available to all, we work with MSIF to review existing resources from across the globe to make them useful, relevant and accessible to people in multiple countries. 

The animation topic – sex and MS - was identified as a priority and is the first global resource off the rank!  We will continue to work with MSIF to identify gaps and repurposing of resources to better meet the needs of people with MS, both here in Australia and around the world.

The ‘Sex life and MS’ animation explores the impact MS can have on sex and some of the common challenges that some people living with MS might experience. Sex can be difficult to talk about at the best of times. Taking away the stigma by being open about the challenges of sex when living with MS is important in improving quality of life.

You can watch the animation below or via our new ‘Sex and MS’ webpage, and feel free to share it (the hashtag is #SexlifeandMS) with others who might be interested.

We hope you find it useful.